Boys and Girls Club of Niagara Hosts Race For Kids 2016

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Niagara Falls, ON (June 6,  2016)- If you were walking around Niagara Falls this past Saturday morning, you might have bumped into a rush of colourfully dressed individuals on a mission. Darting from business to business completing tasks while laughing, these teams were competing in this year’s edition of the Capital One Race for Kids. From carefully carrying a tray of water cups at Boston Pizza Americana, to digging around in the sandbox outside of Lowes, this year’s event showcased community support in a great event with an even greater impact on the community. The tasks were creative and fun, the event started on Lundy’s Lane and finished behind the Niagara Square Mall and the Roman Cheese building.


Event organizer Jennifer Reeb from the Boys and Girls Club of Niagara was proud to explain that 44 participants made up 11 teams involved in the running of the race. The teams were very fierce and competitive all the way to the finish! In the end the team that took home first place were the clever and quick team dressed as the adorable children’s favorite (and adult favorite) Minions. Obviously the real winners were the boys and girls Club of Niagara. The 44 participants were able to earn a combined total of $10 000, which was also matched by the events corporate sponsors for a total just shy of $20 000!


The event truly was a great opportunity to have adults play and kids win!

Boys and Girls Club of Niagara

The Boys and Girls Club of Niagara is part of a National movement with over 700 community locations throughout Canada. Together the movement provides innovative and effective programs to assist in the healthy educational, social and physical development of Canadian children and youth. For over 100 years, professionally trained staff and dedicated community volunteers have helped hundreds of thousands of children and youth in safe supportive environments.

The Boys and Girls Club model is more comprehensive than prevention, recreation or educational programs alone. The Club utilizes a developmental approach in every program focusing on increasing a young person’s exposure to positive and constructive activities, supporting them to become healthy, responsible, compassionate and competent.

The development approach offers children what research says is the most needed, relationships with positive role models (adults and peers), structure and safety, access to a diverse range of programs that include recreation, play and expression, opportunity for acquiring positive behaviours, self-esteem and hope for the future.

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