Mind Matters with Coach G: Eliminate Those First Tee Nerves

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Coach G Marinelli – Center For Personal Development – strategiclifecoach@gmail.com

Have you ever found yourself standing on the first tee feeling so nervous that you can hardly stand up let alone hit a drive down the middle of the fairway ? Hands shaking so much that you can hardly balance the ball on the tee and only then just managing to scuff the ball barely 100 yards down the fairway before rushing off the tee ?

We’ve all been there.  I’m sure that many of us will have experienced something ranging from nervousness to terror on the golf course. I’m sure you’re getting the picture by now. So what can we do to calm the nerves and play our best golf in these situations ?

Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that hypnosis has something to do with it. All that panic is driven by our conscious mind so if we can bypass the conscious mind in a hypnotic way, we can free our unconscious golf mind to get on with what needs to be done – to put our best swing on the ball.

Here is how we eliminate those First Tee Nerves:

There you are… out on the golf course… thinking… waiting for your turn to pay the shot… or perhaps standing there at that first tee… and you’re very, very nervous- not sure if you can stand up- let alone hit that golf shot. Here’s the good news. All that nervousness and uncertainty is in your conscious mind and your unconscious mind already knows how to swing the club now, doesn’t it ?

If you are familiar with a quick technique to taking yourself into self-hypnosis, use it now. If not, it really doesn’t matter, as this technique will do it for you.

Quietly take a few deep breaths noticing how the air you’re breathing is cooling your body and calming your mind and the air you’re breathing out is expelling all the tension from your body.

If you’re heart seems to be racing or you feel as if your heart is in your mouth, then just imagine that with each breath in that your heart slowly moves back to its proper place in your chest and your heart rate returns to its normal regular and comfortable rate.

Focus all your attention on the heart area of your chest as you continue to breathe deeper and slower and feel as if you’re channelling all of your mental energy back into your heart. Imagine that you are breathing in directly through your chest and notice how each breath is flowing over your heart, cooling it and slowing it down to a strong steady rhythm, as you notice a deep sense of relaxation and preparedness spreading throughout your mind and body.

As you continue breathing in around your heart, imagine yourself playing a really good shot- one that you’ve played before on this hole or similar one. Remembering in your imagination how that good shot feels now… seeing that ball traveling along your intended path to the hole…hearing that sweet sound of the ball leaving the club head behind and hearing those congratulatory comments of those around you as you imagine the ball finishing in the ideal position that you choose now.

Simply and without hesitation step forward to the ball, take your usual stance and find yourself unconsciously hitting the ball just as you are imagining you are right now, aren’t you ?

Congratulations on playing a more relaxed and confident game.

My best wishes,

Gianni Marinelli, CH.DD.CLC  (Internationally Certified Life Coach / Certified Hypnotist)

Marinelli Center For Personal Development  ( strategiclifecoach@gmail.com )