Golfzon and Youngs Sportsplex introducing state of the art Golf Simulators in Welland

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    Golf sim @ Youngs Sportplex
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Golf sim @ Youngs Sportplex

Golf sim @ Youngs Sportplex

imagesSince its establishment in 2000, GOLFZON has been making a new culture that provides novelty, fun,

and value through the creation of a new place combining golf, IT, culture, products, and service.

  GOLFZON creates a total golf experience by providing an all-around service as a GOLFER’S LIFETIME PARTNER rather than a Golf Simulatormanufacturer, offering the opportunity to learn,  enjoy, and communicate through golf together.

 Right now Youngs location is one of only 8 Golfzon operators in Canada! The staff at the location  is very  knowledgeable and helpful in getting you set up and playing one of the many beautiful courses in the world!  You can enjoy the fully  licensed bar, located a top the Youngs balcony overseeing the playing fields. There is also  the great  addition of the Kick Back Lounge opening soon!

Youngs has had great success since introducing the simulators into the building, they have also seen an increase in their great indoor driving range. Open 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri.