Heart Niagara Physical Literacy Summit 2016

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Heart Niagara Physical Literacy Summit 2016

Promoting Physical Activity Through Education


Heart Niagara is working to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and practical application through physical activity and education.  Heart Niagara will be hosting a Physical Literacy Summit on April 27th, 2016 using an experiential learning model to strengthen understanding and showcase practical tools to increase physical literacy in Niagara.

Heart Niagara is using kids as a vehicle to provide educators, recreation leaders and coaches with an experiential, practical and energizing physical literacy professional development experience.  This will be a full day event during the school week, where students and teachers from local schools will be invited to participate.

Participants will walk the talk by arriving in a walking school bus to participate in this event.  As of now, more than 80 kids, their teachers and principal(s) have agreed to participate in the day with educators, recreation leaders and coaches.

The Summit will begin with an energizing guest speaker to get the day started. It will be followed by various demonstrations by leaders in the physical literacy community. The day will end off with a motivating presentation to ensure all of the key lessons learned from the day are reiterated in a memorable message.

The event will have vendors with products and resources that can aid in inspiring innovative ways to engage students and community members in physical activity. This professional development experience will support Run, Jump, Play every day for healthier kids.

Heart Niagara Physical Literacy Summit

Date: Wednesday April 27th, 2016

Time: 10am-2pm

Event Details: Guest Speakers, Demonstrations, and Vendors. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Cost: $60/person for professionals, $30/person for students (prices plus HST).

If you are interested in registering please visit: https://heartniagara.com/pls2016/