KidSport Niagara ensures everyone can play

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By Shari Crickmore

Fitness is a problem for our kids. Obesity, some say, is at epidemic levels. Childhood diabetes and other diseases are increasing at alarming rates. Our kids are at risk. The couch, computer, smartphone or shopping malls are sometimes the only activities available. Keeping kids off the streets and involved in healthy activities will help to build a better future for them and for our community.

Families once relied on the extra-curricular sports at school to keep their kids active, however those options are dwindling. At the same time, the numerous teams, leagues and clubs offered away from school are numerous but, for many families, financially out of reach. That’s where KidSport Niagara comes in.

We are a community-based, volunteer-run regional chapter of KidSport Canada, a nationally registered non-profit sports organization. KidSport™ provides support to children and their families in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing virtually any organized sport that they want.


Applications are open to school-age children across the Niagara region and it’s easy to apply. Visit and click on the “How to Apply” link to download an application form or contact us and we’ll send you one.  Complete the application carefully, then scan and email, fax or mail it to us. Be sure to include proof of financial need, a letter of reference, a completed sports registration form and an equipment quote (if required). The grant helps with the costs of registration fees and equipment up to a maximum of $250.

Organized sports and healthy physical activity doesn’t just make us healthy — it makes us better prepared for life. KidSport knows that fitness activities have a positive impact on the body and on the mind. Active kids are healthier, stronger and typically develop better social skills and self-esteem. As well, healthy kids make our Niagara Region a better place to be!


KidSport Niagara receives funding through some fantastic corporate national partners but also relies substantially on donations from generous individuals and local community groups based right here in the Niagara Region.  Are you part of a service group, team or company that would like to focus your fundraising efforts on getting our kids into the game? Please let us know.

Help KidSport

KidSport Niagara believes that no kid should be left on the sidelines; all should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sport. Help us in our mission — contact Shari today at 905-708-7364 or email