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The obesity crisis is well documented. Two thirds of Canadians are overweight or obese. The rapid changes in lifestyle have led to a global obesity epidemic and the economic burden associated with it is staggering.

Obesity is hurting Canada and driving health care costs through the roof right across the country. The most troubling statistics are found in a recent report by Active Healthy Kids of Canada”

…. only 7 per cent of children 5-11 and a mere 4 per cent of those aged 12-17 could achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity …..

Canada receives an overall grade of D- putting us behind such nations as Mexico, Kenya and Nigeria of the 14 countries that were assessed in the study.

Giancola and his Team want to stop the trend of the Inactivity Pandemic. This Ambassador of Physical Fitness wants kids in the game…he wants sedentary kids active…playing sports…and getting fit…. THE BTO WAY !

On May 8, 2015, BTO Performance hit a record 38 kids from Our Lady of Perpetual Healthy Elementary School in Toronto when they came to visit Personal Fitness Trainer Dan Giancola at his Thorold Facility where he put them through a fast paced workout and shared his personal story with them.

As the school year winds down, Teacher Carla Grossi, a former Thorold resident, wanted to leave her Grade 7 and Grade 8 students with some inspiring words hoping to encourage confidence and healthy attitudes- especially towards physical well being.

Giancola does not fail to deliver. All eyes are riveted as he speaks. His passion intense. His gift apparent. You just KNOW he loves what he does … inspiring and motivating young minds !

Help him in his quest to overcome the Obesity Crisis. Trade in the Reality TV and get people off the couch- do whatever it takes… advocate… participate… donate …. make Canada fit and healthy !  

Coach G.