Heart Niagara to Host the Region’s First Physical Literacy Summit Event to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and practical application

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Niagara Falls – March 9, 2016:  For 39 years, it’s been Heart Niagara’s mission to provide children and adults with the education, training and tools necessary to take control of their heart health.  Next month, the non-profit organization will be hosting the region’s first Niagara Physical Literacy Summit.unnamed (1)

Physical Literacy is simply about developing movement skills and abilities that help people move confidently with control in different physical activities, sports and games, for life.  In the same way a child learns their ABC’s by reading with their parents from an early age, the same is true of learning to move with confidence.


Heart Niagara and the Niagara Physical Literacy Summit steering committee’s vision is to provide educators, recreation leaders and coaches with an experiential, practical and energizing physical literacy professional development experience with kids.


By participating, instead of simply observing, the goal is to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and practical application. Physical literacy does not require special equipment or training; it requires knowledge and tools that can be applied by creating an environment that fosters purposeful movement.


When kids are physically literate, they are more likely to be active for life. Making these early lifestyle changes can reduce premature risks for cardiovascular and heart disease.


Physical literacy gained through physical fitness and sports is so important to gaining confidence in your own personal life,” exclaimed Kevin Erb, managing partner of Niagara Sports Xpress magazine.


The Niagara Physical Literacy Summit will take place on Wednesday, April 27th from 10am-2pm, at Heart Niagara located at 6017 Valley Way, Unit A, Niagara Falls, Ontario.


The cost to attend is $60 per adult or $30 for students.  Registration can be completed by visiting Heart Niagara’s website at www.heartniagara.com or by calling 905-358-5552. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

For further information please contact: 

Emily Dupuis: emily.dupuis@heartniagara.com

Terra Pasco: terra.pasco@heartniagara.com

Ateeya Vawda: ateeya.vawda@heartniagara.com


Phone: 905-358-5552


For 39 years, Heart Niagara has been providing cardiac health education and services to the region on a non-profit level, relying on the generosity of the community to support its programs. 


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