Brock men’s and women’s wrestling capture CIS National Championships

The Brock University men’s and women’s wrestling teams were both crowned CIS National Champions at the 2014 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Wrestling Championships hosted by the University of New Brunswick.

The Brock University men’s and women’s wrestling teams were both crowned CIS National Champions at the 2014 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Wrestling Championships hosted by the University of New Brunswick.
With the two championships, Brock University has now won 100 championships in its 50 year school history including 33 National and 67 Provincial titles.

“Our team performed remarkably this weekend,” said head coach Marty Calder. “We came into the championships having come second in the OUAs on both sides, and ended up dominating both sides at the Nationals. This program continues to build champions by virtue of a strong committment from our staff including coaches, strength and conditioning coaches and trainers that help to develop these student-athletes into champions.”

The two Brock teams combined for 12 medals in total winning seven gold, four silver and one bronze.

The Brock women captured their third straight CIS National Championship and their fourth in school history (2001-02, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14). Former CIS Rookies of the Year Jade Parsons (48kg) and Carlene Sluberski (51kg) both defended their CIS titles from a year ago. For Parsons, it was her third straight CIS gold. Jessica Brouillette captured her first CIS title winning the 59kg weight class. Marissa Sorrell (67kg) and Olivia Di Bacco (72kg) both collected silver while Brittney Gearing (63kg) earned 5th place.

The Brock men captured their 14th CIS National Championship in school history, their first since 2008. Jevon Balfour (68kg) and Matrixx Ferreira (82kg) both defended their national titles from 2013 while Sam Jagas (54kg) and Brian Cowan (57kg) captured CIS gold for the first time in their university wrestling careers. Tyler Rowe (72kg) and Andrii Vorontsov (90kg) both captured silver medals. Zack Falcioni won the bronze at 61kg while Gabriel Turetsky took home 5th at 76kg.

“I couldn’t have imagined that our athletes would have been able to perform as they did today,” said Calder. “Our staff couldn’t more proud of our athletes and what they accomplished this weekend.”

Brouillette and Jagas were named top freshmen after they both triumphed in their CIS championship debut, while head coach Marty Calder was named the men’s and women’s CIS coach of the year.

The Brock Badgers wrestling program has now captured 48 championships in the program’s history including 18 National and 30 Provincial titles.


GOLD – Brock (50)
SILVER – Calgary (36)
BRONZE – Western (35)
BRONZE – Alberta (35)

Women’s 48kg

1. Jade Parsons, Brock
2. Madison Parks, Western
3. Josee Tremblay, Calgary
4. Annie Monteith, Saskatchewan
5. Genie Gokhman, Alberta
6. Monica Wood, McMaster
7. Amanda Eng, UNB

Women’s 51kg

1. Carlene Sluberski, Brock
2. Kate Richey, Calgary
3. Alyssa Cleaves, UNB
4. Rachel Alder, Winnipeg
5. Cierra Carere, Guelph
6. Valerie Ouellette, Western
7. Katie Dutchak, Saskatchewan

Women’s 55kg

1. Brianne Barry, Western
2. Liz Sera, Concordia
3. Cara Nania, Calgary
4. Erica D’Angelo, McMaster
5. Amber Maschke, Alberta
6. Brittany Dillman, UNB
7. Karleah Bonk, Lakehead
8. Emily Kessler, Winnipeg

Women’s 59kg

1. Jessica Brouillette, Brock
2. Emma Horner, Lakehead
3. Cholena Horne, Alberta
4. Danielle Anderson, Regina
5. Anna McKee, Western
6. Temi Ogunjimi, Calgary

Women’s 63kg

1. Linda Morais, Concordia
2. Larissa D’Alleva, Western
3. Jessy Seida, Calgary
4. Tasha Doroodian, Algoma
5. Brittney Gearing, Brock
6. Theresa Urbanczyk, Alberta
7. Drew Kuhn, Saskatchewan

Women’s 67kg

1. Marlen Figueroa, Alberta
2. Marissa Sorrell, Brock
3. Kelsey Dayler, Lakehead
4. Sarah Stringer, Guelph
5. Kayla Brodner, Regina
6. Ocean Burns, Calgary
7. Breanne Coady, Memorial

Women’s 72kg

1. Veronica Keefe, Concordia
2. Olivia Di Bacco, Brock
3. Taylor Follensbee, Saskatchewan
4. Kristine Longeau, Regina
5. Hilary Goble, Calgary
6. Kira White, Lakehead
7. Christine Schmidt, Western
8. Carla Chaytor, Memorial

Women’s 82kg

1. Kelsey Gsell, Guelph
2. Madison Beblow, Alberta
3. Grace Bannerman, Toronto
4. Emily Foerster, Regina
5. Alysha Anderson, McMaster
6. Myfwany Price, Memorial


GOLD – Brock (66)
SILVER – Alberta (50)
BRONZE – Guelph (48)

Men’s 54kg

1. Sam Jagas, Brock
2. Melvin Arciaga, Alberta
3. Oren Furmanov, Guelph
4. Chris Waltner, Lakehead
5. Trevor Banks, Concordia
6. Mario Tran, UNB
7. Shane Johnson, Saskatchewan
8. Connor McLachlan, Regina

Men’s 57kg

1. Brian Cowan, Brock
2. Dylan Williams, Alberta
3. Dylan Bray, Saskatchewan
4. Mokhtar Hakimi, Winnipeg
5. Dylan Galloway, Laurentian
6. David Gillis, UNB
7. Andrew Sinclair, McMaster

Men’s 61kg

1. Michael Asselstine, Alberta
2. Vincent De Marinis, Concordia
3. Zack Falcioni, Brock
4. Theo Dow, Saskatchewan
5. Reza Mosalla, Regina
6. Navrit Wirach, Guelph
7. Vincent Cormier, UNB
8. Jason Buckle, McMaster

Men’s 65kg

1. Kevin Iwasa-Madge, Guelph
2. Drew Belanger, Alberta
3. Stephen Delayen, Concordia
4. Chris Garneau, McMaster
5. JF Godin, Queens
6. Erik Joy, UNB
7. Spenser Burk, Calgary
8. Mitchell Berenz, Winnipeg

Men’s 68kg

1. Jevon Balfour, Brock
2. Ahmed Shamiya, McMaster
3. Adel Taj, Alberta
4. Caleb Rutner, Western
5. Lucas Hoffert, Regina
6. Brock Munro, Winnipeg
7. Steve Adams, Memorial
8. Jordan Townsend, UNB

Men’s 72kg

1. Josh Proctor, Western
2. Tyler Rowe, Brock
3. Brian Hutton, Calgary
4. Ben Bradford, Guelph
5. Malcolm Meekins, Saskatchewan
6. Matt Fedler, Regina
7. Sean Isnor, UNB
8. Ian Janes, Memorial


1. Shawn Daye-Finley, UNB
2. Connor Hodgins, Calgary
3. Jake Jagas, Guelph
4. Alec Bauer, Western
5. Gabriel Turetsky, Brock
6. Andrew Johnson, Saskatchewan
7. Chris Kinsella, Concordia
8. Tahir Hamraev, Winnipeg

82 kg

1. Matrixx Ferreira, Brock
2. Tyson Frost, Guelph
3. Jason Margo, Alberta
4. Grayson St. Laurent, UNB
5. Kenneth Kaczkowski, Concordia
6. Kevin Barret, McMaster
7. Rylan Petterson, Regina
8. Steven Sheppard, Calgary

90 kg

1. Riley Otto, Western
2. Andre Vorontsov, Brock
3. Jordan Steen, Concordia
4. Alex Thoms, UNB
5. Daniel Oloumi, Alberta
6. Nick Proctor, Calgary
7. Omar Thomas, York
8. Sean Belisle, Regina

Men’s 130kg

1. Jeremy Latour, Guelph
2. Kyle Nguyen, Winnipeg
3. Isaac Lubiak, Regina
4. Kevin Ens, Western
5. Preston Mikulasik, Lakehead
6. Baldwin Asala, Calgary
7. CJ Thoms, UNB

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