Niagara Falls Soccer Club Forms New Vision

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The Club’s Head Technical Coach Charles Ivanov presented this vision to the happy coaches, and received praise and support from all present. This new vision will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the Niagara Falls Soccer Club’s history. The focus of this vision will be on establishing an OPDL infrastructure at the Niagara Falls Soccer Club by 2020. This vision will be achieved by pursuing the following 5 objectives.

    1. Focus on principles
      • LTPD Vision – player centred approach, 7 stage 2 stream
      • 4 pathways of growth – Player, Coach, Referee, Club
    2. Incorporate it in present and new programs at the Niagara Falls Soccer Club, offering a framework for development for members of all ages and gender
    3. Provide leadership and support to all elements of the 4 pathways through the club programs – driving force to achieve vision
    4. Continue to expand operation process/program until the aim is achieved
    5. Make intelligent decisions on club direction, at the right time, benefiting members and club

There is no doubt that with this new vision and Niagara Falls Soccer Club’s renewed commitment to provide the best player development all of it’s members will prosper.

Head Technical Director for NFSC Charles Ivanov

Head Technical Director for NFSC Charles Ivanov